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Many reasons to choose a serviced office over a Sydney commercial office.

With serviced offices you gain all the benefits of a fully-equipped office, without the capital investment of a commercial office. You can access skilled support staff and the latest office technology and office facilities without the expense, commitment and ongoing hassle of equipment purchases, maintenance, upgrades, office fitout, cleaning, security, office management, staff management (salaries, holidays, sick days) – and the list goes on.

There are two other major factors to consider when comparing serviced offices and commercial offices – office setup and flexibility.

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Office setup time and capital expense:

  • Commercial office Sydney. Finding the right office space, agreeing terms, legal approvals, refurbishing and fitting out can take many hours over several months, and requires a substantial capital outlay, particularly in equipment and fitout.
  • Serviced office Sydney. Gordon Executive Centre can set your business up with a professional, fully-serviced office within a day! And, if you simply need short term office space, office services or meeting rooms, they’re ready to use in minutes. Plus, because all the equipment and fit out is available now, there is no capital expense. Simply pay for the office space that you use.

Office term and space flexibility:

  • Commercial office Sydney. With a commercial office, you are generally committed to strict leases of up to five years with penalties for leaving. This limits flexibility and ties up capital. Plus, if you grow or downsize quickly, you’re stuck with the wrong-sized office for the term of the lease. A commercial office lease often has implications for financial flexibility as the following are frequently required: a personal guarantee from a Director, bank guarantee often backed by a personal guarantee, and legal review of lease documents. Additionally, a make good provision in the lease may require you to pay for the removal of all partitions and fitout that you paid for at the begining of your lease – even if your investment actually was a vast improvement to the office space.
  • Serviced office Sydney. Gordon Executive Centre can arrange anything from hourly office space rental to long term office space arrangements providing the ultimate flexibility. If you need to expand, simply add the office space or use the office services you need at the time. Many office clients choose our 6 month office arrangement with the flexibility to review their situation every 6 months. Other clients choose our 12 month term for the best rate. Still other clients prefer 3 month, 1 month, or week to week terms. Call us with your needs: 9844 5444.

Advantage Serviced Offices press release comparing serviced offices Sydney with commercial offices

Serviced Offices Sydney: Return to Profitable Business Growth with the Flexibility of Shared Office Space Sydney

Sydney in the current period of economic uncertainty.

April 26, 2010

SYDNEY–(EON: Enhanced Online News)–Recently we have seen media and public reaction to manufacturing work sent overseas to China rather than keeping it at home for Australians. Understandably, employees are concerned about the security of their jobs, particularly when they have mortgages and families to support. Sometimes it can be just as challenging for the bosses of small to medium businesses, with office space leases, when they not only have their own family’s security, but the responsibility of their employees’ security to consider too.

Now with the incredible volatility that has seen us jump from inflationary to deflationary fears and potentially back again, serviced offices Sydney are a valuable resource that give the flexibility to ‘ride out’ whatever the economy throws at us

Flexibility as smart reason to choose Serviced Offices Sydney & Virtual Office Sydney.

One of the most difficult times is when a commercial office space lease comes up for renewal. Given the volatility of the world’s economies, who can reliably predict how strong demand will be over the next 12 months, let alone five years? Yet business owners are often expected to sign commercial office space leases for 3 or 5 years and, more scarily, they are often asked to give a personal guarantee up to the full amount of the commercial office space lease. This means that if a business owner gets it wrong and business dips, potentially s/he could lose the family home. On the other hand. if s/he is too cautious and the economy bounces back, then there is the business risk that too small a commercial office space could restrict growth.

The Serviced Office Sydney and Virtual Office Sydney alternative.

One alternative is to use serviced offices Sydney. The serviced office benefits include:

* You can commit for serviced office space Sydney for as little as 1 day to 12 months.

* Serviced offices Sydney are modular so you can start with a conservative amount of office space and then upgrade or downgrade office space size or number of serviced offices as required.

* You have furnished offices, telecommunications, and big office facilities such as professional boardrooms.

* A personal office receptionist.

* “Virtual” office services for home-based businesses or out-of-state businesses that seek the professional impression of an established office.

Serviced Offices Sydney and Virtual Office Sydney markets

Traditionally serviced offices have been a valuable resource for small offices of 1-10 workstations, branch offices, regional offices, country offices, and home offices. Virtual offices Sydney are attractive for these offices plus home/office based businesses.

“Now with the incredible volatility that has seen us jump from inflationary to deflationary fears and potentially back again, serviced offices Sydney are a valuable resource that give the flexibility to ‘ride out’ whatever the economy throws at us,” said Grant Mason, Managing Director of Gordon Executive Centre, a division of Advantage Serviced Offices in Sydney Australia.

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